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People in Mongolia have a special relationship with reindeer; they raise their animals for milk and cheese and even use their hair for textiles, but they rarely eat the meat. The reindeer herders have been tending to their herds for thousands of years. 


Galápagos Islands

I remember as a teenager learning about a voyage that Charles Darwin took on the HMS Beagle. For five years, he joined the expedition which allowed him to explore the coast of South America and the islands including the Galápagos.


My Master Class

"The best pictures are ones that tell a story, that take us on a journey. Start your journey alongside me on my Masters of Photography class."



A Life in Pictures

September 6 - January 3, 2020

Currently On Display: A Life In Pictures
Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography
520 Cleveland Ave NW
Canton, Ohio, USA

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Rome Workshop 2020

Explore Rome with Steve McCurry and Eolo Perfido in August 2020. Join them on a six-day workshop in the heart of Italy, while strengthening your photography skills. 

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New Blog: Stories Without Words

The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don't have to explain things with words.
- Elliott Erwitt

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Interview with CNN on Steve's new book, "Animals"

Steve's new interview with CNN style is all about his new book Animals. Steve gives some behind the scenes information as to how the book came about and some of his favorite images. 


Animals is now available, click here to purchase. 

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