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Follow me on the streets of Cuba and Portugal as I show you how to create unique images of the world around you in my Masters of Photography course.


Afghanistan: Shooting Under Fire

I was feeling a mixture of fear and excitement at leaving Pakistan in disguise and going secretly into another country, with no real means of communication.


September 11, 2001

In a situation like that, as a documentary photographer, you had to keep a cool head. Do your job. Document this tragedy in the best way you possibly can. You tell yourself to not overthink things.




June 18 - October 4, 2021

Messe Graz
Hall A, Entrance A2
Fröhlichgasse 35
8010 Graz
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‘It’s heartbreaking’: Steve McCurry on Afghan Girl, a portrait of past and present.

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A Magnum Story: Four Tumultuous Decades in Afghanistan

10 Magnum photographers, including Steve, reflect on their experiences depicting violence and beauty in the country from 1978 onwards.

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Check out Steve's interview with Insider about his time in Afghanistan and the current situation. 

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