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Gateway to India

If ever there was a metropolis that played to the camera, it is surely Bombay, a place of extremes. Now known as Mumbai, it is the richest city in India, a major seaport and an industrial and commercial hub: the New York of India.


Afghanistan: Shooting Under Fire

I was feeling a mixture of fear and excitement at leaving Pakistan in disguise and going secretly into another country, with no real means of communication.


The Temples of Angkor

I had first visited the temples of Angkor in 1989. I was immediately overwhelmed by what I saw, it was difficult to comprehend the majesty of the place. Angkor contains simply some of the most spectacular ancient temples on earth.



La Venaria Reale

April 1 - September 25, 2016

Piazza della Repubblica, 4,
10078 Venaria Reale TO, Italy

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Il mondo di Steve McCurry - Available June 7, 2016

Il mondo di Steve McCurry ha confini lontanissimi, preclusi al comune viaggiatore. Dagli altopiani gelidi dell'Afghanistan, ai torridi deserti africani, dalle tormentate città dell'America Latina, alle soavi piazze d'arte italiane. E nel suo mondo non è raro incontrare abitanti apparentemente inusuali, apparentemente diversi, che tuttavia, almeno in parte, sono riflesso e specchio di tutti noi.

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Steve McCurry: On Reading - Fall 2016

Young or old, rich or poor, engaged in the sacred or the secular, people everywhere read. This homage to the beauty and seductiveness of reading brings together a collection of photographs taken by Steve McCurry over his nearly four decades of travel and is introduced by award-winning writer, Paul Theroux. McCurry's mesmerizing images of the universal human act of reading are an acknowledgement of - and a tribute to - the overwhelming power of the written word.

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