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To add content to the site:

1. Click the "add content" button in the grey bar at the top of your browser.

2. Pick a Content Type to create from the selection that appears in your browser

3. Your browser will be redirected to a page with places to put content and information for the new piece of content. These places to put content are call fields and they can range from a check box to a big box to place or create richly formatted text with photos. 

4. Typically, one of the fields is a Body section. This is often a field where you can place or create richly formatted text. There are a number of ways to edit this field, but ideally you want to edit it so that what you input in the field so that what you edit in the field is what will show up on the webpage (as opposed to inputting html code). Therefore, you want to edit this field using a setting of editing called "What You See is What You Get" (WYSIWYG). This tutorial is an example of WYSIWYG. 

5. To set a text box field (like the body section) to WYSIWYG use the "Text Format" radio buttons to select "wysiwyg," this stands for What You See Is What You Get. This will change the editing interface so that it is similar to Microsoft word, with buttons for making text bold, italic or underlined and for adding bullets, links and pictures.

To add a link to your text:

3.1 Highlight the text that you want users to click on

3.2 Click the chain icon

3.3 Put the URL into the "Link URL" field in the popup box that appears (Or, if you want to link to a file, click the browse icon that is to the right of this field and upload the file as you would an image (see below)). You can choose to have the link open in a new window or in the same window using the "Target" dropdown.

3.4 Click "Insert"

To add an image to your text:

3.5 Click the point in the text that you want the image to appear

3.6 Click the icon of a picture of a tree

3.7 Click the browse icon next to the Image URL field

3.8 If the image is not already on your website (if it is on your desktop computer) click "Upload"

3.9. Click browse, find the file you want and click "Open"

3.10 Click the upload button

3.11 The image will be uploaded to your server and will appear in the popup box. Click the image to add it's location to the Image URL field

3.12 Click Insert

Once you are finished editing your new piece of content, click "Save." You will now see the new content you made.

To add special teaser text:

3.13 Type the text you want for the teaser at the beginning of all the other text.

3.14 At the end of the teaser text click the "Separate teaser and Body of this Content" button, at the far right of the wysiwyg

3.15 If you want this teaser to also appear when users are looking at the detail view of the content, leave the "Show summary in full view" radio button checked. If you only want the teaser appear where the node is listed, and not when users are viewing the content, uncheck that button.

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