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Using Weight to Sort Content

Weighted Nodes? What does that mean?

Nodes (the pieces of content that make up your site) can be assigned a particular order by which they should be sorted when that content type is shown in a list. To order a set of nodes "weight" is added to them. Nodes assigned a high number (a heavy weight) will fall at the bottom of a list. Nodes with a low or negative number (a light weight) will rise to the top of the list.

To sort your nodes:

1. Navigate to the content screen. (Administer > Content Management > Content) You will see two tabs in the upper right for the content types which have weight enabled, click the tab for the content you want to sort. If the content you want to sort does not have weight enabled, contact [email protected] and we will enable it for you.

2. Under the "Operations" column use the dropdowns to change the numbers so that the nodes you want to appear first have the lowest numbers and the nodes that you want to appear last have high numbers.

3. Save

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