Behind the Scenes

Reflections on Steve McCurry, by Denis Delestrac, from "Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures"

"Life is short," he repeats like a mantra, and there is no time to devote to characterless people or situations. This may be why Steve McCurry, contrary to his photography, never stays still. On the field, he is not a gentle, patient spectator of life unfolding. He is a restless hunter who moves fast and leaves you behind and breathless. At times you see him run or freeze for no apparent reason, then raise his camera to snatch a perfect image you would have never noticed unless he'd shot it. Call it animal instinct, sixth sense, or a very special kind of radar...all I can say is that seeing Steve McCurry at work will make you feel blind, slow, and gauche.

Steve is a free man first, and then he is a photographer. By the way, one of the greatest in history.

A decade and a half and countless moments shared together in many corners of a world that Steve has proven to be filled with beauty and contradictions, I have the deepest esteem for the man who's taught me you can be a true humanist wihout being a half-hearted demagogue, and a larger-than-life philosopher without being moralistic.

What about photographer? Photography is the rocket he's chosen to ride and circle the planet as a free electron and capture drops of life, which will never quench his obsessive thirst for living to the fullest. - Denis Delestrac, Excerpt from Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures


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