Behind the Scenes

The Last Roll of Kodachrome

It occurred to me that getting that last roll of film, which was Kodachrome 64, would be a good way of honouring a film that had made such a big impact on my life and had been my everyday film for 30 years. Luckily Kodak agreed, I was given the last roll of film and the project was on.


It was a big responsibility to shoot the final roll of such an iconic film. I tried to shoot 36 pictures that acted as some kind of wrap-up, to mark its passing as it was such a wonderful film that I shot for 30 years.


It was definitely the end of an era, so I wanted to pay tribute to an old friend and in some way have the subjects share some thematic symmetry with the end.


There is a nomadic tribe in India whose wandering way of life is coming to an end. I felt that with this roll of Kodachrome, one of the best films ever made, this would be an appropriate subject, as Kodachrome was disappearing as well. I also wanted to photograph New York, and the icons that make the city what it is. Robert De Niro was very interested in this project. I shot him and I also photographed Grand Central Terminal, Union Square Park, and Washington Square Park,which are some of my favorite places in the city.