Behind the Scenes

"Animals" by Steve McCurry

Animals are one of my favorite subjects to shoot; they are completely unpredictable. Animals are in constant motion, have a mind of their own and rarely pay any attention to directions from a photographer. Treating animals and people with kindness and patience, as well as respecting their comfort level contributes to a successful photo.

The idea of photographing animals and people may have been planted in my mind since I was first starting out as a young photographer.  My sister gave me my first photo book, Son of Bitch, a collection of pictures of dogs and their humans by the great photographer and friend Elliott Erwitt.  It was the first time I saw a photo book with humor, pathos, and wonderful storytelling; I’ve been inspired ever since.
It is my hope that people will see animals as intelligent beings that deserve our love and respect.
In most cases, our pets are totally dependent on us for their survival and safety. It’s our duty to protect them like our own children. Since we often create a special bond with certain animals, I would hope people should treat them with the care they deserve.
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