New Blog: Oil, Cement, Music

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"In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony."
- Eva Burrows

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The Times Photography Books Of the Year

Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures was listed as one of The Times Photography books of the year 2018!

The Telegraph's Best Christmas Books for Travelers

Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures made The Telegraph's best Christmas books for travelers list. 

Reflections on Steve McCurry, by Terence White, from "Steve McCurry: A Life In Pictures"

Steve is now well-known as the photographer who made the famous portrait of the green-eyed Afghan refugee girl in the red shawl, an image any photographer would be proud to call their own, but he never rested on his laurel


40 Years of Remarkable Photos

Interview with Feature Shoot about Steve's career and his new book, Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures.

Blog Post: Portraits

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"In his portraits, I see the clearest reflection of Steve's most dearly held value: respect."

Bonnie McCurry

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McCurry, NY 11 Septembre 2001

Il mondo di Steve McCurry