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In the Shadow of Mountains

Blocking/Unblocking/Deleting/Editing a User

To manage a user:

1. Open the Administration Pane and navigate to Administer > People

2. Find the user(s) you want to manage (you can use the dropdowns at the top of the page to filter your view)

3. If you want to block, unblock, delete or assign a role to the user, check the box(es) next to the user(s) that you want to edit, select the action you want to take from the dropdown and click "Update"

To edit a user (Ex: to change a user's password for them):

Talks at Google

Steve recently participated in the Talks at Google series in collaboration with Peter Fetterman, owner of Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica, California. 

Unguarded Moment

Adding a New User

To add a new user to your Drupal site:

1. Open the administration pane and navigate to Administer > People

2. Click the "Add User" tab in the upper right hand corner

3. Give the new user a username and password and fill in their email address

4. If you want the new user to be able to administrate the site, check the box to assign them the Site Administrator role

5. Make sure to check the box to notify the user of the new account that you have made for them

6. Save

The Iconic Photographs

Editing Blocks

Quite a bit of the content on the Homepage is composed of blocks.

To edit a block:

1. Open the administration pane and navigate to Administer > Site Building > Blocks and find the block you want to edit in the list of blocks (or hover your mouse over that block on the front end and click "configure")

2. Make sure the text area is set to wysiwyg and make your edits

3. Save