Il mondo di Steve McCurry

Il mondo di Steve McCurry ha confini lontanissimi, preclusi al comune viaggiatore. Dagli altopiani gelidi dell'Afghanistan, ai torridi deserti africani, dalle tormentate città dell'America Latina, alle soavi piazze d'arte italiane. E nel suo mondo non è raro incontrare abitanti apparentemente inusuali, apparentemente diversi, che tuttavia, almeno in parte, sono riflesso e specchio di tutti noi.

Steve McCurry: On Reading

Young or old, rich or poor, engaged in the sacred or the secular, people everywhere read. This homage to the beauty and seductiveness of reading brings together a collection of photographs taken by Steve McCurry over his nearly four decades of travel and is introduced by award-winning writer, Paul Theroux. McCurry's mesmerizing images of the universal human act of reading are an acknowledgement of - and a tribute to - the overwhelming power of the written word.

Steve McCurry's One Minute Masterclasses

Steve McCurry has 10 One-Minute Masterclass videos, which we think will give some insight into the way a master photographer like Steve works and offer some good advice to happy snapper and amateur shutterbug alike. 

Let Steve McCurry Take You to India

India features a range of color pictures illustrating this most colorful of countries, capturing the lives of everyday people in extraordinary settings. Of its 140 photographs, 48 are previously unseen and hand-picked from the Magnum photographer’s huge personal archive. These vary from street scenes in Kolkata, socialites in Mumbai, shepherds in Kashmir and Hindu devotees immersing statues of Ganesh in the sea off Chowpatty Beach.