Blog Post: Portraits

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"In his portraits, I see the clearest reflection of Steve's most dearly held value: respect."
Bonnie McCurry

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From 'Afghan Girl' to Ground Zero, the World Through Steve McCurry's Lens

Interview with The Daily Beast about Steve's new book, Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures

Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures

The largest collection of Steve McCurry's images in one single volume and the final word on forty years of McCurry's incredible work. Written and compiled by Bonnie McCurry, Steve's sister and President of Steve McCurry Studios, LLC, who has supported his image-taking from the start, Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures is the ultimate book of McCurry's images and his approach to photography. 

Nature's Art and Architecture

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"For nature is the art of God."
- Thomas Browne

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