To add content to the site:

1. Click the "add content" button in the grey bar at the top of your browser.

2. Pick a Content Type to create from the selection that appears in your browser

3. Your browser will be redirected to a page with places to put content and information for the new piece of content. These places to put content are call fields and they can range from a check box to a big box to place or create richly formatted text with photos. 

Drupal 101: An Introduction

What is Drupal? How is it different from coding a website from scratch?

Building a website with Drupal is like making a quilt, while coding a website from scratch is like weaving a blanket from threads. Making a quilt still takes a lot of time and needs a lot of skill, but using the quilt approach has a lot of advantages:

Test Article

some text


some text in quotes


a table second block
another block fourth block



Sample Itinerary - Myanmar 2014

posted July 29, 2011
January 11 - January 22, 2014
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