Meet the Artist: Steve McCurry on Artspace

Steve McCurry shares how beauty creeps into even his most harrowing images, his meditative approach to photography, and what he hopes people get out of his lyrical images.

The Omo Valley with Steve McCurry

John Rowe and Steve McCurry talk about the Omo Valley and

Video courtesy of Little Pass Films. 

Steve McCurry on CNN's Talk Asia, Aired, September 28th

Steve McCurry shares how he started out in photojournalism, why Asia is so close to his heart, and the secrets to taking a great photo.

100 Photos of Steve McCurry for Press Freedom

Reporters Without Borders is proud to announce that the next book in its series of “100 Photos for Press Freedom,” to be published on 13 September, will consist of the finest pictures that Steve McCurry has taken in Afghanistan during the past 30 years.