PORTRAITS by Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry presents a stunning collection of nearly 200 portraits from
 around the globe. Browse the collection and visit people from fifty
without leaving your home. 

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Keynote Address by Steve McCurry: 'Picturing the Indian Sub-Continent'

The award-winning photographer behind the iconic 'Afghan Girl' gave the keynote address at the launch of Lit for Life 2013 in Delhi. Titled 'Picturing the Indian Sub-Continent', McCurry's speech was an audio-visual treat.

Steve McCurry at Lit for Life 2013

The award-winning photographer of the 'Afghan Girl' fame delivered a scintillating keynote address at the launch of The Hindu Lit for Life 2013 in Delhi. Snapshots of Steve McCurry telling his story in pictures.

Images of Asia, On Display in Wolfsburg

Steve McCurry is one of the world's most successful photojournalists. Images of Asia, taken over the past 30 years, have gone on display in Wolfsburg, Germany. Many of his pictures are now icons of photography.