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Paul Theroux's Soul of the South Features Photographs by Steve McCurry

posted August 7, 2014

An article about the American Deep South by Paul Theroux illustrated by Steve McCurry.

The Beauty of Steve McCurry's Afghanistan

posted July 22, 2014

CNN’s Connect the World with Becky Anderson explores the rugged beauty of Aghanistan through the lens of award-winning photographer Steve McCurry

The Photo That Made Me: Steve McCurry, Mexico City 1972

posted July 22, 2014

TIME LightBox talks to Steve McCurry as part of a new series The Photo That Made Me, in which photographers talk about the one photograph they made that they believe jump-started their career.

Steve McCurry on Afghanistan

posted July 22, 2014

Steve McCurry talks about his Afghanistan work currently on show at Beetles+Huxley gallery, London.